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Welcome to your travel partner, to all your dreams of visiting exotic and mysterious lands across the globe. We offer memorable hotels for your stay, hand-picked for their unique architecture, design, location and ambiance. Each property has been chosen for its sheer experience for you and your loved ones, to live this moment for many years to come.

Lux-Escapades, a luxury travel company, offering some of the finest hotels and tourism venues across the world. We offer our guests, the very best hotels and resorts from Europe to The Americas, Asia Pacific & Africa. Luxe arranges luxury tours from various destinations, tailor made to your preference. Luxe offers luxury cruises, air charters and luxury rail journeys across the globe.


Services include:

Luxury Cruises, Luxury Expeditions, Luxury Resorts, Villa Rentals, Private Jet Travel, Private Tours, Spa Services, Spa Wellness, Tailor Made Holidays, Yacht Vacations, Luxury Tours, International Holidays, Luxury Honeymoon